Friday, 10 February 2017

Sage Research Methods - What's New for 2017?

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Attention all researchers! Lots of new content has been added to Sage Research Methods online recently. Here are some of the things to tempt you

49 new book titles including:
  • Designing and doing survey research
  • Writing successful reports and dissertations
  • Developing transferable skills
33 new case studies including:
  • The use of online forum data in the study of gaming behavior
  • Restorative youth justice
  • Online political activism in Syria
 26 new data sets including:
  • Analysing focus groups on politics with young people in Wales
  • Interviewing elites: employing a feminist and interpretative approach in grounded theory techniques
  • Analysing oral histories
There are also 2 new tools to help you complete your research project:
  • Project Planner - from picking a topic to gathering data to choosing a method,  here is your step-by-step guide to a successful research project.
  • Which Stats Test tool - answering a handful of multiple-choice questions this tool will provide you with a recommendation on which statistical method to use to analyze your data.
Both can be found under the Research Tools menu.

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