Wednesday, 31 October 2012

New web pages to improve your information skills

Be sure to have a look at our fantastic new web pages on information literacy.

Find out what information literacy is and what it can do for you by watching the video ‘What is Information Literacy?’

Find out how information literacy can help you with writing assignments and conducting research. The pages are split into useful sections to support you at different stages: Getting started, Writing assignments, Research skills, and Employability.

The information literacy pages are one part of our Learning and Research Services web pages which have also had a face lift to make finding information easier.

Find useful subject resources, get help with research, find your librarian, and see how they can help you.

All from Learning and Research Services on the Library home page.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Effective Internet Searching

The Information Skills tutorial Effective Internet Searching has been completely overhauled and updated, please take a look.
In this tutorial you will:
  • Understand in broad terms how search engines work
  • Discover what the invisible web is and why it matters
  • Try out a selection of handy techniques and tips for quicker, more effective searches
  • Learn about other sources of information and when to use them
Effective Internet Searching is just one of a number of tutorials the Library provides through the Information Skills Resource
Access it from the Library tab in MUSE and/or from the Library web home page


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Trial to Official Publications Online

The Library has a new trial to Offical Publications Online.
This database from The Stationery Office includes access to:
  • UK Legislation: including Scottish, Northern Ireland and Welsh Legislation
  • Command and House Papers: Green Papers
  • White Papers, Annual Report and Accounts, Departmental Reports and Treaty Series
  • Parliamentary Publications: Hansard, Bills and Amends and Select Committee Reports
Publications are available online, as soon as they are published and there is early morning delivery of key parliamentary titles.  The trial will be made available until 31st December 2012 . Please tell us what you think of it by using our feedback form.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Just started your PhD?

The British Library is holding a series of Doctoral Open Days, from November until February. The events are free and are aimed at first year PhD students who are new to the British Library. You will learn about the collections, find out how to access them, and meet the British Library's expert staff and other researchers in your field. To book a place use the Book Now link beside each listed session. You might also want to get a free reader pass before attending the event.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Guide to Bibliography of Asian Studies

The Information Skills tutorial Guide to Bibliography of Asian Studies  has been updated to take into account the new much-improved user-interface. This now offers an up-to-date search engine with refining facets and all the entries have been converted into Unicode Formats.
Guide to Bibliography of Asian Studies is just one of a number of tutorials the Library  provides through the Information Skills Resource
Access it from the Library tab in  MUSE and/or from the Library web home page.