Thursday, 23 April 2015

Finding journals

Journals are available in print and electronic format - some titles are only available electronically, some titles are only available in print, and some are a combination of the two. To check our full access to a journal, follow these steps:

·       Log into MUSE
·       Click on StarPlus - Library Catalogue
·       Make sure you are signed on to StarPlus by clicking Log In – University members (when you access StarPlus from MUSE, you will be automatically signed on to the catalogue)
·       Search for the journal title under the University Collections tab

A ‘View It’ tab under your chosen title record will show electronic access. This will display the years of subscription that the library has – please note that we may have subscriptions from more than one publisher and for different dates. Clicking on the name of a publisher will open the journal’s webpage in a new window. A ‘Get It’ tab will list print holdings available in the Library. Please be aware that some journal titles are reference only and cannot be borrowed from the library.

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