Thursday, 17 March 2011

Understanding Society - First Findings

Early research findings by the scientific team behind Understanding Society are now published. Understanding Society: Early findings from the first wave of the UK’s household longitudinal study is a volume of research findings which can be downloaded by anyone who is interested.

As a longitudinal social survey, which will  follow 40,000 households, it provides unique insights into British society in the 21st century.  It will allow researchers, policy makers and the general public to learn about patterns of family life, people's  experiences of work and education, their health and their attitudes to issues such as climate change and community.

The First Findings summary provides a first view of the results from the study and presents some early findings.  Although these are first findings, they cover a wide range of areas of people's lives and experiences.  From family life,  employment during the recession,  to young people's attitudes to climate change,  there is a wealth of information across a wide range of topics.

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